Monday, March 23, 2009

Blog Bat Around V

This is my first time participating in the Blog Bat Arounds, which have been thoroughly entertaining to date. This time around the BBA, hosted by Cardboard Junkie here, asks this: What is the best experience you have had acquiring cards or memorabilia?

For me, there are two distinct events that come to mind. The first was when I was about eight years old and I lived in Kokomo, Indiana. I was a huge Cubs fan and at that time the Cubs caravan went as far south as central Indiana. I had my picture taken in the local newspaper, proudly wearing my Cubs jacket and hat. My favorite memory that day was meeting Scott Sanderson. I got his autograph, and in his honor I include my favorite Cubs card of Sanderson, his 1986 Topps:

My second memorable event was only a few years ago. I moved to the north suburbs of Chicago after graduating from college. It wasn't until a few years ago that I found a great card shop with lots of old stuff and tons of Cubs cards. The shop reintroduced me to card collecting, as I had drifted away from the hobby for many years. The most fun part of the shop was their "rookie card vault" of sorts with their most valuable cards. I subsequently adopted the phrase with my most valuable cards at home, albeit they are not properly displayed in a proper case just yet. Of the many cards purchased there, one of my favorites is the 1977 Topps Andre Dawson RC:

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