Saturday, May 30, 2009

A New Minor League Baseball Team in My Backyard: The Lake County Fielders

Although it is slightly off topic for a blog about baseball cards, I have to share my enthusiasm for the new Northern League baseball team that is starting next summer in Zion, Illinois. As a resident of the north suburbs, this is my closest team.

Lake County Baseball held a "name the team" contest in recent weeks, and just announced that Fielders was the winner. This name is appropriate, given that the owner of the team is none other than Kevin Costner. The team's logo certainly evokes thoughts of the Field of Dreams.

As a baseball fanatic, I'm excited for any type of baseball, but independent leagues such as the Northern League are baseball purity at its best. The games are fun for fans of all ages, and the players give their best every game. Also, the addition of the Fielders gives the Schaumburg Flyers a natural rival, which should make for compelling ball games.


  1. I felt the same way when the NWA Naturals (Royals AA club) came to town last year. It's great to have baseball in your own back yard.


    PS. Thanks for the add!

  2. Is this the same league as the Rockford River Hawks?

  3. Gritz76,
    This team will be in the Northern League, which currently consists of Schaumburg, Joliet, Gary, Kansas City, Fargo, and Winnipeg.