Friday, August 28, 2009

New Set Review: 2009 Topps Chrome

I have recently had the opportunity to pick up some nice Chrome sets. Most of my additions have been traded sets, but I was able to pick up this year's 220-card Chrome set. The basic set does not include the rookie autographs, but it does include key rookie cards from future stars such as Gordon Beckham, Rick Porcello, and Andrew McCutchen.

A scan of the Chrome cards never seems to do them justice, so I haven't included an image of any cards here. The 2009 design in particular really pops on the Chrome cards. For those Cubs collectors, there are 10 cards from the team (Harden, Fukudome, Samardzija, Soto, Zambrano, Lee, Ramirez, Soriano, and rookie cards from Patton and Scales). For me, the best card here is of Bobby Scales. He was the 220th (thus the final) card selected for the set based on his spark plug role earlier this season. His absence from the current team, in favor of Aaron Miles, is just one of many reasons why this current Cubs team is not likeable. I have not seen a checklist for the Topps Updates and Highlights set yet to see if Scales and any other rookies from the team are included. I'm certainly hoping that impact players such as Jake Fox and Randy Wells get their due with cards in that set.

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  1. The Cubs would be better off I think letting Sam Fuld play in Bradley's place more. He's all-balls out in the outfield and can steal a base or two. Let's hope they don't trade a young nucleus of Fuld, Fox, and Wells for some aging injury proned vetern.