Sunday, August 2, 2009

Top Cards of the 1980s: #7, Don Mattingly 1984 Donruss

Number 7 in our Top 10 countdown of the most valuable cards from the 1980s is a former Yankee favorite, Don Mattingly. I was a fan of Mattingly's growing up, as Donny Baseball is also a Hoosier native. From a Hall of Fame perspective, it is unlikely that Mattingly will ever make it into Cooperstown. But he had a tremendous 4 year stretch of being one of the very best players in the American League. During his 1985 MVP season, Don hit 35 HRs, 145 RBIs, with a .324 average.

Don's 1984 Donruss RC has always been considered one of the most valuable cards of the decade. The Donruss card usually rates a bit more valuable than Don's Topps and Fleer rookie cards.

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  1. When I see a picture of Donny Baseball without his mustache, it never seems right, sort of like Tom Selleck.